Why use a professional real estate photographer?

We use specialized gear… ultra wide lenses, SLR cameras and tethered camera control to take the best photos possible. Each photo is a fusion of 5 exposures to get the best possible range of lighting. They are then individually edited and adjusted before delivery. Video is shot with steady-cam equipment to provide smooth gliding action, then cut and edited with music chosen to fit the home. On average each hour spent shooting translates into 2-3 hours of digital work after the shoot.

Do I own the copyright to the photos once I have paid?

Copyright remains with the photographer, as is standard with photography studios. Agents are granted a license to use the photos from their shoot for any purpose in relation to the sale of the home. This license remains with the agent for the life of their contract with the seller. If the seller chooses a new agent, they will need to purchase their own license. Builders, developers an architects interested in copies may also contact the photographer to purchase licenses.

For a more detailed set of licensing terms please Click Here to view the licensing contract that will be provided at each shoot.

How should the home be prepared for the shoot?

The home should be clean and organized as you want it to appear in your photos at the time of the shoot. Flat surfaces, tables, stove burners, reflective glass surfaces, should all be clean. Photographer will request that all lights in the house be on during the shoot as it adds greatly to the ambiance of photos.

How long will my home shoot take?

Allow 1 hour for each desired service… photography, videography and floor plan.

How are my images delivered?

Photos are delivered digitally with cloud storage and will remain available for download a minimum of 30 days after delivery. Copies sized to both your MLS’s requirements and full resolution will be included. Other sizing requirements may be requested.

What is your rescheduling policy?

Rescheduling requests made less than 24 hours before the appointment time may be subject to a rescheduling fee. In the event of bad weather an alternate appointment can be chosen at no cost.

How/When do I pay?

Cash, credit and checks are accepted. For credit payments an invoice will be emailed with a link to the secure Wave Accounting payment website.